Tuesday, November 08, 2005


So far today I have, cleaned my house, done three loads of laundry, cashed a small child support check. ( HOLY SHIT I ACTUALLY GOT ONE) Went to the pet store were I spent too much money on kids pets. They all needed something. And then I went to rent a center and talked to them. They lowered my payments as I may not be keeping the couches to much longer ,they want me to be able to keep them so they will continue to give me a lower rate. Then I went to my sisters house and left a gift for her there.
Then I came back towards home stopped at Fred Meyer just for milk, ketchup and cat litter and ended getting a bunch of other stuff too. I needed more food in the cupbpoards. Then I came home and took the doggies for a walk. They were very excited to get out of the house. I ran into Tommy. He really is a nice guy. Just very weird. He asked if I was okay because yesterday I had asked him if he would take me to the hospital if I needed to go. My stomach was really bothering me bad. It isn't so bad today so far though so I think I will hold off a bit longer and try to get some kind of medical insurance of some kind. I just can't afford a big Doctor bill right now along with everything else. Anyway, I did all of that without taking my cell phone. I never leave it home. I just needed to get away from it. I don't know why. Usually that thing is stuck to me. I just don't feel like dealing with it or anyone today. I am grumpy and in the mood to be alone. I guess I should make sure that nothing important is going on though. Well everyone have a fabulous day and don't worry be happy. You know I always like the saying have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up. Better then don't worry be happy. The other just has a certain ring to it.......

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