Sunday, November 20, 2005

No Preservatives

In life there are no preservatives except in most food. Wich I always try to avoid just in case somehow my creamation is neglected and I am buried ( shivers) I don't want to be like a twinkie, I do not feel it is neccasary to have a corpse with a shelf life of 100 years. Anyway, as I was saying..
There are no preservatives in life. You cannot say, can your teenage hormones to be later opened at a much more convienient time. Like say 25. Or hell preserve a little for when your 60 and could really use a good dose of getting excited because the wind blew the right way.
There is no way to preserve the smells that go with a family vacation. You are lucky if later sometime a certain scent triggers a great memory. I know when people crossed over are visiting me because scents I associate with them waft up my nose and into my brain and right down into my heart and soul.
But these things cannot be canned and put on a shelf , labeled and then years and years from now, brought down by great great relatives of the future and experienced first hand the way we did. I mean wouldn't it be cool if there was a store house of canned experiences in Jars and flasks and boxes somewhere where we could go and open them and experience a day from 1722. Just think of how awesome that would be. The only things we have are written history. And how much of that is changed from the actual event. I mean think about it.
The way gossip and stories are told in your own experience, I often wonder what "REAL" history would be. Was Paul Revere running in fear? Did Abe Lincoln stutter when he spoke all those eloquent speaches? Did George Washington really have wooden teeth? What would those people say to us today if they could? What story would they tell? This brings me to what is it that I want people to know and to remember about things in my lifetime. Or about me even. What do I want my grandchildren to know about me? What do I want my greatgrandchildren to learn about when they learn the history of their world and they are learning about this time?
Hmmm. This I will need to think about carefully.

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