Monday, November 14, 2005


I am so sore. My back hurts bad.
Jen got her apartment. In the same building as me. We went and bought couches today. Okay Jen bought couches, Rent a center is coming to get the other couches tomarrow. So Anyway.
Our day started very early. First we went to my old city and got the kids bunk beds. Then we went to a bunch of thrift stores. Then we went to Lowes, because we need stuff to make the kids bunkbeds into bunkbeds. Then we came back here after we finally found two couches. Then I put in dinner, then we went to pick up the beds after Jen made sure she had the apartment. After we got the couches we then struggled to get Jens couch into her apartment, we had to get Tommy, then we had to get the door off the hinges because the freeking couch was to odd shaped to go through the freeking door.
We finally get the couch into the apartment, then it took me, Jen, and Tommy to put the door back on. Then we had to still get my couch into my apartment. On the third freekin floor.
Man I tell ya. The day just gets better. Jen, Sierra, and I all got the couch to the first landing. Where we got it stuck. My brother who lives in the same complex couldn't be bothered to help at all. So there we sat. I called my friend D, ( the princess's fiance) and he came after work and man handled the damn thing up three flights of stairs. I was worried that he would hurt himself.
I really hope he didn't. He got it all the way up to the top landing and then Tommy got back and helped him. At first D thought that the couch would not go in. But he and Tommy managed to get it in the door and down the hall and then into the livingroom. I love them both so much for helping like that. Especially D. In the last 20 years he has been on heck of a friend. I can honestly say he is one of the few friends that I have that I know I can count on, and he knows he can count on me. We have really been there for eachother in the past. I need to do something special for him. Can't do it tomarrow as I have bunk beds to put together and Jen to help clean or whatever. This is going to take some planning on my part. When he leasts expects it. There I will be with some great surprise!!!! Ssshhhhh T if you read this post, don't tell him I said that.
It is amazing to me, that looking as tired and welfarish as I look today I got hit on twice.
Once by Tommy when I ran into him at Fred Meyer. And then again when I got back to the complex a guy in the parking lot was whistling and smackin his lips. Then he asked me if he could help me bring in my groceries. I said no thankyou, and he said he would just WATCH me walk away then. He was good looking and all I could think was, DUDE! Are you fucking blind?
I look like shit today and I am always fat and ugly. Anyway. I gotta go to bed now.

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