Friday, November 04, 2005


Hello there wonderous people!
Today is a good day. So far I haven't gotten any bad news. There are two hours left to the day. I think maybe I will not answer my phone for the next two hours. My grandma made it through surgery okay, they did a five way bi~pass. They said she should recovery quickly. My friends mom is doing much better, her family thanks everyone very much for their prayers and positive thoughts, they worked!!!! Terry will be loosing her feet, but as her family knows her feet are a big pain to her and her hands have been spared. Terry will not really mind the loss of her feet. As long as she can power shop and color her pictures she will be all good!!

Amanda is writing me a report about Hurricane Katrina and she has to include what it might be like to survive such a catastrophy.
The losses and the experience itself. From an economical standpoint as well as an emotional standpoint. She has to include pictures. The report must be at least four pages long with at least two and half pages worth of writing. And she cannot repeat herself. My goal with the report is that she will see that it is nothing to make light off. People lost their lives and homes and family members and friends. So much. So much is just gone.
It makes me so mad that my kid would lie about something like that. She lied to get out of having to do homework. Well now she had more then school work to do.

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