Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ramblings of a madd Queen

I cannot believe this stuff. I get woken up today during the first nap I have taken in years ,by the phone. It's my mom, she called to inform me that my cousin Jeff did it again. Ut oh what now? I said this half jokingly. Hmm, no joke here folks my stupid fucking cousin decided to hold two of his teenage brothers friends hostage after a Halloween party. He tied up the boy to a chair (17) and beat him up, he sexually assualted the girl ( also 17) and then slashed his own wrists and told them about his problems. I don't know what the hell is wrong with him. The paper reported that as he was hearing the charges against himself he sat with his head hanging down shaking it back and forth. As if he couldn't believe he did those things. God only knows what provoked him to do this. I think I am going to go and try to see him. I want to talk to the knucklehead and see just what the fuck was going through his head as he tortured those poor kids. Jeff was the closest in age to my sister and I, He and his brother Mike. Jeff and I were really close as kids and teens. I just want to know what the fuck is wrong with him that he would do something like that.
He already spent 9 years in prison for damn near killing a man with an ax handle. The man was trying to break into Jeffs house. Jeff has a severlly bad temper. He is not one to take anything lying down. Trying to break into Jeffs house is a suicide mission. The would be thief was the one who picked up the ax handle to begin with, Jeff just took it from him and beat him to the punch so to speak. problem was, Jeff didn't know when to quit, the dude almost died, he was in surgery for 11 hours at Harborview. He lost sight in one eye and his head will never be the same. This all happend after Jeff was severely injured in a motorcycle accident, he flew off a bridge and landed on an embankment of logs. He laid there for almost two days before someone found him. He was almost dead. His mind has never been the same since. As a member of his family I can say we all love Jeff. We all care about what happens to him, we all care that his actions have scarred two teens for life. Hopefully the people around them will help them to be survivors and not victims. I hope they have strong support networks. They will need them in the coming months when they have to testify in court against Jeff. I hope that my cousin will get the help he needs and that he will realize their are people out here in this big world that do love him and will stand by him even though he fucked the big dog with this horrible decision.
The next call I got was from Amanda's counselor.
She called to ask me if our family needed anything. Um ...huh?
I asked her why she would call me and ask me that. She said that Amanda had told her that we survived hurricane Katrina, that she had a twin sister and that her father had died in a drowning accident. That her little sisters didn't have any shoes and all this other bullshit. So I had to set the record straight.
And apparently Amanda has been getting out of assignments by saying she just couldn't concentrate because the memories of Katrina.
By the time I am done with her she will have survived the rath of something much more powerful then a hurricane. MOM

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