Wednesday, November 09, 2005

So much going on

Yesterday I got a puppy!! His name is Bo Duke. Cuz I already have Daezee Duke. Bo is a yellow lab and he is beautiful. He is four months old pure bred and he was in the paper for FREE!!!! It worked out kinda weird, When I called the lady said some guy was supposed to be coming to look at him, I called about a different puppy that was in the paper and when I was on my way there, the first lady called and said to go ahead and come see the lab. I had just been thinking to myself that I really wanted a lab, that is what I have been searching for in the paper for the last three months. So I went to her house which was oddly about two blocks away from the other puppy. And when I went in and up tp the kitchen Bo ran from under the table right into my arms. He is perfect! Just the right size and age to not be a threat to my little dogs or to my kittens. And he will be the right size when he grows up. And he is a lab.
He is also a poop machine!!!!! I can't keep up with him! I absolutely adore him though and so do the kids, my daezee has no problem with him and Moos daisy is slowly warming up.
I also got Buddah back last night. K and G couldn't keep him after all so at Michealas request and Buddahs in a dream to me, He is here. Yes I said that right. I had a dream that Buddah wanted to be with me and I called Katie, she can't call me she doesn't have long distance. And she said Denise that is so weird. I need you to take him. It wasn't weird to me, and neither was Bo running to me. IT freaked out his previous owners because Bo had been hiding from everyone and anyone that came to there house. I haven't seen that behavior at all so far. He is very friendly and wants to sniff everyone. But they were genuinly surprised that he ran right too me just upon sight. He made it very obvious that he wanted to go with me. And I wanted him very much so I brought him home. Two new animals in one day, WHEW. I told them all there would be NO MORE coming!!!!! I have a zoo! Moo has a dog and a cat. I have two dogs four cats three birds, a fish tank and an anole. that is a total of three dogs and five cats in a two bedroom apartment. Belive me it is a battle every day to make sure it doesn't stink in here!!!!!! We are clean people. well the kids are working on their cleanliness. They have a ways to go yet. So far it is going pretty well. I just hope Bo doesn't explode from eating so much, and eating god knows what. I am not used to a dog that can stand on its hind feet come almost to my hips, daezee stnads on her hind feet and comes maybe to my knee. Same with Moos Daisy. To keep them seperated we call them Duke and Mai. Poor Daezee she knows her middle name better then her first. Its like she really is from the south:)

In all that I forgot to mention that on the way home from getting Bo, my car went tits up for good. I don't even know whats wrong with it, but Jen had to come and get me. I am glad she was meeting me at my house anyway. She was already basically to my house when I called her. Some construction guys had to push my car into the Safeway parking lot. I need to go and get it towed home. Anyway, Jen moved in for a few days because she finally left Chadfuck. He actually had the balls to try to control her to the point of threating to call animal control if she left and didn't take Kilo ( her pitbull) and her cats with her right then and there.
So G and K went and got Kilo and took him to their neighbors house. THe guy is a pitt fanatic and will take excellent care of Kilo until Jen can get him back or until the day Kilo is an old man and dies. Anyway, Its great having Jen here and knowing she is safe. Hopefully she will be able to get an apaprtment here. My neighbor moved out yesterday and that is a one bedroom apartment. It would be perfect for her.
I called my friend Sharon she is not doing so hot. She needs some prayers, she needs to have surgery on her knee and she is having problems getting insurance to cover it. Please pray for her.. I would like to do another prayer list. So please leave your requests in comments or via email. I would like to publish the list on Sunday.
****Have a bright beautiful day everyone****

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