Saturday, April 09, 2005

Closet bones

Man I am telling you. Cleaning out a closet can be an experience.Among the sheets and pillow cases I found the original curtains for the house.Then I went delving into the bins from wal*mart that I had filled long ago and forgot what was contained within.In the two smaller bins I found things like a book of poetry that I had written spanning a five year period. I also found kid art work and many many painted macaroni noodles and sea shells, two tons of glitter, and s half ton of sequins.I also found my journals that I had hiddedn away. They are very important to me and I still keep one to write in by my bedside for those midnight musings.
In the larger bins I found a variety of old backpacks, kid artwork and report cards.Still missing however is the paperwork from my most recent divorce. I suppose I will have to go to the court house to retrieve what I need out of that paperwork. I will do that when I go to get birthcertificates.
Among some of the more interesting items I found. Missmatched gloves, a scarf I made in fifth grade.A baby blanket I made when I was pregnant with Pan, my very own baby blanket! And a whole bunch of socks.....That what made me put my palm to my chin and mumble hmmmmmmm with a bit of a kink in my lip.
Anywhoo that was my day today.By the end of yesterday from my bedroom alone I had five lawn and leaf bags ready to go to the Goddwill. Today so far I have six. I think I am done for the day actually. Tomarrow is finishing laundry and going through shoes and coats day. The day after that I start packing stuff off the walls!!!! I am getting so excited!!!!
Everyone have a fabulous day:)

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