Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I have to have an MRI done today. My back seems to be worse then we thought.I have degenerative disc disease. That means that the discs between my vertabrae are slowly falling apart, or quickly at times of injury/stress. Three years ago it wasn't too bad. I went through a very painful three months of my back being completely out. It was difficult to walk because my legs didn't want to work right. It was hard to sweep my floor because my arms would spaz and I would drop the broom. I had to have my kids help me get dressed and get my socks and shoes on. It was hard to do laundry becuse of all the bending and stuff. But I did it. Turns out I should have. But I had heard that just laying around could make it worse and unless I am extremely depressed I am not a lay around kind of person. SO I did more harm then good. This last time I was injured (on the job) I took it a bit easier.
My back is still kind of out, I get numbness and tingling and spasms. This should not be happening anymore. And Even though I went through physical therapy it just made things worse. Worse pain and worse spasms. So the therapist and my doctor have agreed that the injury is permanent and that I will not recover any more then I already have. There statements are not enough however and so I am going in for and MRI.Lower lumbar. I am thinking that I should have a full spine. From cervical to saccral. (neck to tailbone).I have asked for this to be done as I also have been having bad pain in the servical and thoracic areas too.And when I was going to therapy the therapist had to put my saccral illiac joint back in place.No one listens to me though. They never have. And believe it or not I cannot find a better Doctor in this area.
I am hoping to have better luck in Florida.I am looking forward to being drugged up for the MRI. I will be feeling quite loopy by the time I get home! I am axtremely claustrophobic. I will seriously FREAK out if they where to not give me drugs. I once freaked out in an ambulance so bad that they had to pull over and open the doors so I could breathe. It was bad. I lost my ever loving mind. Screaming and all.

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