Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Give away day

I put an add in the paper yesterday. So it came out today. I specifically said for people to call after 11 am and before 9 pm. I got the first call at 6:30am! BITCH!!!
I was very nice though. I really was. Actually surprised myself a bit on that one:)
So today I said goodbye to two coffee tables 6 end tables, a kitchen table and chairs,a microwave, and a console tv. Two people called about my bed and washer and dryer but they never showed up to look at them. Oh well. The add will be in the paper for another 6 days. I am sure they will sell in that time.
On an even better note. My older gentleman friend is coming to see me again tomarrow! WOO HOO!!!! I cannot wait. And again it makes me regret just a bit that I am moving so very far away. Then again it makes for nice memories, heh heh heh:)
Well I am very tired so this is where I end it tonight. I will still be on for about eight more days. Gotta blog until I leave!
Sorry I didn't visit anyone tonight. I amm going to catch up in the morning...
(BIG YAWN)))))) I am just soo tired....... Love you all, have wonderific days all of you:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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