Saturday, April 02, 2005


Well today has been productive so far. I woke up and took that puppy to the pound. She had trashed the kitchen last night while we were all innocently sleeping.The parakeets went to a very lovely woman and her daughter. And the finches are being kept by snowvhite. Someone is coming to look at the cat kajun. I don't want him to go anywhere but I also don't want him to have to ride more then two thousand miles in a cat carrier in the bed of a truck. I don't think he would do very well, and I don't think it is fair to make him do it.Saying goodbye to Kajun will be the hardest yet. Daezee our little toto dog is the only pet we are taking with us. Poor Kaj has lived in this house his entire three years of life. We will miss him very much.Yesterday when the parakeets left my belle had a very hard time. She was happy that they went to an obviously great home though. The teenage daughter wanted to show them so she is going to pay great attention to them.The lady and her daughter where going to take the birds right to the pet store to get there wings clipped so they could start working with them today.My house is a disaster right now. With bibs stuff everywhere.And my stuff all over my room. The cleanest room is the kitchen because I just cleaned it.I have to really dig in and get some stuff done this coming week. I am not looking forward to going through all my possesions and those of my childrens. It is going to be difficult making decisions on what goes with us, what goes for garage sale, and what gets donated. I have already given away a whole bunch of stuff. This is just not easy, but we are all still very excited about moving and can't wait to start our journey of discovery.

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