Monday, April 18, 2005

I've been tagged

Somehow I have to come up with the song that describes me and/or my life.
That is HARD! So many songs to choose from.
I can't get no satisfaction runs through my mind!
Desperado, Oh lord won't you buy me a mercedes benz, Foxy, boehmian rapsody, turbo lover,
Iron man, fairies wear boots, this is how you remind me, never again, supercalifragilisticexpialadocious, its getting hot in herrr, smoke on the water, I wear sunglasses at night, rebel yell, St. Anger, country roads, strawberry fields, Enter sandman, teen angel, I hate everything about you.
What to choose what to choose??? So many great songs out there. I just can't decide which one describes me and my life more then any other. There are entire songs, and there are parts of songs and there are lines of songs that fit. I don't think I can pick only one or two to describe me or my life. I am more complex then any song ever written could ever hope to describe, and such is my life. I am a medley, written and sung by God. I hope this settles the tag!

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