Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Watermelon Margarittas!

Tomarrow I am going out on the town with my sister k. We are going to Las Margarittas for watermelon margarittas. GOd they are soooooo good:)
I can't wait!
I am also meeting my sister V for lunch at Don's Resteraunt. The same place I took that poetic, angelic, cowboy Joe!
Next week around the same time BIB's and my sister T and I are going out to do the karaoke and dancing and drinking thing.
Then next weekend my D mom is coming up and we are going to go out then too, I think we are going dancing but I'm not sure. Well they will dance. Not me, I wouldn't make anyone witness that horror!
Then sometime in the next week or so sister T and I are going out for a dinner and some alone time together before I leave.
I am so at ease with this move now that I have an address to go to.And so excited! Derek is not the only friend that I have in Ms.
There is also his ex Vee. And his sister T.L. and his brother L, and L's girlfriend Stan(not actually her name)
I am sooooo excited I just can't maintain my dignity right now, I am totally wiggling in my seat! I need to go and get some more stuff done!!!!!
Also on the home front I talked to my dad a bit a go and he actually told me that he loved me. I couldn't believe it.
He was very cool about everything we talked about.

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