Monday, April 25, 2005


After the other night I am having regrets that I am moving so far away! Like I said in my previous post "there is something to be said"...
Yeah! Anyway.....
Met a guy a few months back. 13 years older then myself. Not really my type etc etc. Well I just didn't think I would GO THERE with this guy even though I liked him and all that. The comfort level was instant and the conversation was non stop. He wasn't STUPID! He gets my humor, etc, and so on. But I had an issue with his age . Sorry to all those out there who are over 45. Anyway, I learned a very WONDERFUL lesson.
Sometimes age and experience can equal over the top orgasm!!!!!
I know I know to much information, but hey its my blog and I want to talk about it!
I had judged the man on his age and the fact that he is a bit weird.
I love weird though so that wasn't a bad judegement. The age thing had me for a loop. I will never disqualify a man on age alone ever EVER again!!!!!!
I don't think I will ever see him again, but I tell ya I wouldn't mind.
We talk only occasionally and things just kinda happend. I think they happend on my part because I am a stupid and silly chick who is angry with her best friend. Whenever I get mad at Derek I go out and about and find someone to bring home, because I know it makes him jealous.
I know
I know.
Well I did it also because It was a full moon and I always get a certain friskiness when ever there is a full moon.
Anyway, things happend. AMAZING things. Things that astounded me and made me hit the ceiling.....
Does anyone out there know of any older men that are available for some full moon fun????

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