Monday, April 04, 2005

SSSSHHHHHHHHH I have a secret............

I have a crush on a blogger friend.......
Male, handsome, (big sigh)....What is a girl to do?
(big sigh)(yes I know! another one..)
I don' t know how this happend. I was just merrily going along minding my own business, being madly in love with my best friend Buttman, aka Derek. Then out of no where. BANG! BOOM! CRASH! I am really liking someone . I have never met him in person. I don't even know his last name I have no clue where he lives (address wise) I don't even have his email address.(granted I haven't looked on his site for it either).This is surprising to me. I thought that being in love with Derek would save me from the big bad world of unknown men. Man was I wrong. And WOW what a revelation.
I never knew I thought that..Whoa.

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