Friday, April 08, 2005

Tried to post yesterday

God I hope this works. I tried to post yesterday and ended up losing my post. I got the web page not active thing. Dognabbit anyway!
I wrote a post about how the MRI went. Which is .Not well. I was in such severe pain from laying on that hard table. And something strange happend. I was totally fine not panicking or anything. The machine was open. I could see out the top and out the sides. So I knew I could get out if I wanted or needed to. Like I said I was fine, completely relaxed no problems,no worries.
Suddenly I felt funny, everything started going black from the outside of my vision and I felt all warm and tingly and NOT in a good way. In a very scary way.I got dizzy and felt numb and just all over weird. So I told the guy something is wrong. I don't feel right. He came in and asked me to look at him. I couldn't turn my head right away. It was like my body didn't want to cooperate with me. He told me again to look at him. I slurred, "i'm trying". This concerned him and he brought me out of the machine. Again he said "look at me"" do you see me?" I said that yes I could see him but it was dark.(the room was lit up like a midsummer afternoon).
He didn't like it that I said everything was dark and I feel funny. bad funny not haha funny.
He made me take some deep breaths. Which I did, but that didn't help clear my head.
I sat up slowly, by now I just wanted to get the heck out of dodge. My head began pounding with inner jack hammers. It felt like Mike Tyson was in my brain trying to box his way out of my ears.
I don't know what happend. And the techy guy wasn't sure either. He said he thought it was a panic attack. Hmm I am very familiar with panic attacks I do have them sometimes. This was not a panic attack, at least it wasn't like one I have ever had before. This was different. It was very similar to the way I felt right before I had a seizure when I was 13. It was exactly like that as a matter of fact. With the seperation feeling, and the blackness coming in from the sides and the pounding headache. Yeah I am NEVER getting another MRI ever. The Tech said that my Doc wouldnt get what we had so far done unless I finished. I said NO WAY! The tech actually agreed with me. Said he didn't really want to finish with me feeling the way I was. So now I have to have a cat scan or something. I don't even know. I'v been trying to get ahold of my Doc.
In other news. Today I am actually going through clothes and shoes and blankets and stuff.
I know I know I have been trying to get that done for like 2 weeks now. Today is the day.
I got most of the laundry done so now I am going to get everything ready and take it down to the Goodwill. There is some good stuff in those piles man. My kids grow out of everything so fast its just amazing to me the excellent state some of there clothes are in. Then I am going through mine. And I have lost a little bit of weight. I am looking at some of the clothes that my mom gave me.(She was trying to be nice, I swear she really was)
There is just no way that I could ever wear some of those things!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My god, If I wanted to be around clowns I would GO to the circus, not invite one to come under my blouse. Some of the shirts she bought me, I swear to you, there could be a five ring circus under them. And they aren't pretty either!
I have had it with people calling me about the damn birds too. The add isn't in the paper anymore, It was in over the weekend. People they where pets! The last paper they where in was Sundays. THEY ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay gotta go round up the kids to get them busy doing something around here to help get us situated for moving.
Everyone have a glorious day in your neighborhoods wherever they may be:)

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