Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I don't know why I expect to be hired the moment I walk in the door. I know I am going to need to be looking for a while. I have one place to go to tomarrow and a few places to call. I need to get a resume made up. Things have changed since I wrote up the last one three years ago!
I have to babysit one last time tomarrow. T ( the Princess will be done with her extern!!!) ( I am so proud of her it makes me want to cry)
So after that I will be off to the vet clinic to apply as a receptionist. I would soooo love to get that job. I love animals and people, taking care of people for the last few years has made me quite ready to take care of animals for awhile. Then I will be running off to the ECC to see what I might be able to do out there. I would love to eventually be a social worker specializing in the elderly. But who knows where that could lead. Can't wait til Friday!!!! Going to Rocko's again!!!! I just love the music. I hope that Devry can come along again. He is an absolute kick in the pants!!!! As is Landon!! I am sure he will be coming along, as my moo and he are bosom buddies these days. Which is cool. Hopefully T will be joining along. It's just too much fun sitting there listening to great music and laughing our asses off at ourselves. Devery is especially funny. Not only his own antics but watching his face when T dances with a chair or does other things to drive him crazy. Quite hilarious actually. I need to get a camera so I can take pics to post:)

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