Monday, July 04, 2005


We have our beautiful flag of red white and blue, with brilliant shining stars,
We have a galant and glorious Eagle, who soars above any mans lame ego.
We have our towers of past and present.
We have our monuments, such beautiful pieces of art.
We have our freedom and our say.
We even have a lady Liberty standing in the cold of a New York bay,
To prove this to ourselves.
Yet some how. On this day. The fourth of July. This very signifigant day of independence declaring.
I feel ashamed. Ashamed at what has become of this my country.
Ashamed that after all this time, those hard won battles are nothing but stains in the grass of time.
Nothing but bits of bone rotting back into the earth.
There was once such pride in knowing we were free from the rules of others.
Were is that freedom now?
My children cannot pray in school for fear of being expelled. God forbid the word CHRISTMAS be used when it WINTER HOLIDAY.
If I wanted to spank my child for robbing a store I would go to jail for abuse. And my child would be given a cookie and new mommy. This FREEDOM we are celebrating so loudly tomarrow, ahem today, has been disolving right in front of our very eyes and ears, we have cheered this on, we have sighned the documents to let this bill pass and put that law into motion.
The very celebration itself has rules and regulations now doesn't it. Yes, yes it is for the safety of our children and our homes. I guess we as American are also ignorant as a bunch. Not one smart cookie in the crowd then eh. I am tired and this isn't making sense to me. Morphine does bad things to my brain. I wanted to just tell everyone to have a wonderful Fourth of July celebration and remind you to not forget what its all about. What a perfect day to let the elders in your group of family and friends remind us all. Get out those scrap books and make some memories that will really count someday when some idiot president. Probably Hillary Clinton tries to make us all live in villages half naked with no tv.

I should not write so late when I am on drugs.

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