Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No Title

I had so much to say at three a.m.! Now I have forgotten every intelligent or thought provoking thing I had in my head. I knew I should have gotten up. O well. I guess I have learned my lesson.
Went to my brothers house yesterday for a bbq. It was really nice to just sit and visit and do absolutely nothing but run my mouth. The food was delicious. Trinia my brothers lady is an excellent cook these days. Sierra and I ended up brining home their parakeet Buddy. Sierra is thrilled ! There are still a million stars in her eyes . She really, really needed to get another bird after having to give away her other birds. She has his way cool cage fixed up with all his toys,and his mirrors ,and food and water of course. She is siting right next to him where she can just look over and talk to him and include him in on everything.
I am so happy for her!!!!!
I think Buddy needed a friend like Sierra.
I have really enjoyed this time with my daughter. I miss her sisters of course. They are my kids. This has given me the idea though that next time Lynn is staying home with mom for a weekend and Sierra and Amanda are going elsewhere. And of course there will be an Amanda weekend too. We have just had such a blast, going shopping with T and mimi, and going to Sev's . And going to the craft store and making flower pens. We even went to the dollar store and bought planters and semi polished rocks to put the pens in! We each made like 15 pens. I have the most lovely bouquet on my desk! We also made them with feathers too so there is a bit of variety in there. I really did have other stuff to blog about but I forgot what is was. I am working on another story for Secret Smutty stuff. I think I am going to change the the name of that though. Make it something sexier or provocative. Did I spell that right?? hmmmm.
Alright well. Gotta run to the grocerie store before the hungry masses arrive home and want cereal or something else I don't have.

Happy Happy people!!!!

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