Sunday, July 17, 2005

WHAT ?????

Okay, I just saw an advertisement for Asian American Television Network. W.T. F? What does that mean? Asian American. Okay, duh, the obvious. But seriously what does that mean. Are people of Asian decent some how less American because they have Asian decendents. Whoopi writes about this in her book. Called geniously . "book",its aswesme check it out!
Any way, she says some things about it that make sense. However I have something to add.
Here in America we have African Americans, Native Americans, And now Asian Americans. I don't know, but quite possibly we have Irish Americans, German Americans, Romanian Americans, Jamaican Americans, Australian Americans. Okay your following. Yes you, I see you... Okay when you go to Asia, are there American Asian Networks for television. When we go to Africa is there a college I can go to and be guaranteed a scholarship because I am Amercican African? If I go to Fiji will I be called, American Fijian???? This makes absolutely no sense. And don't even get me started on the whole Native American thing. I AM NATIVE TO THIS COUNTRY! THERE FOR I AM NATIVE AMERICAN! Just as is any one else is who was born in this country. My forefathers weren't born here though. So god lets see , I would be an Irish, Romanian, German, Itallian, Swedish, French, Indian American. WOW. ( And I missed a few!!)Do you think I can qualify for a scholarship now? I am sorry, but I have alot of friends who are Asian, or of Asian decent, or Columbian, or Irish, or Samoan,. I have friends who are black, and white and every color in between. To me we are all just people. When I look at people I see people. PERIOD. I don't see the neighborhood, or the country that you grew up in. I don't see your ancestors or what they may or may not have done. I see a human being. An individual who has rights and freedoms because of this great country we choose to live in. Denying someone the dignity of being "American" just seems wrong to me. Why do people have to qualify as American by being." from another country, American"? I just think its ridiculous. Thats all. You are HERE. You are an AMERICAN. I mean really think of how all the awesome folks feel who are in the service of this country. To be called something other then American would be an insult. To my thinking anyway. Just my opinion. It may not matter to you, But it sure as heck matters to someone.

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