Monday, July 25, 2005


I think I got in a little over my head!!!!
Interview by NJ
1)If you had to give up either your dog or your cat, which would choose? Why?
^Well I wouldn't want to give up either one, If I absolutely had no choice I would give my cat to some one I know. That way I could later get him back. ^
2)Which movie star do you have a crush on? Would you run away with him if you had a chance?
^* Oh Just kill me why don't you!!!* Too many choices, Of movie stars I will have to go with Tim Curry. I absolutely love that man. If he wasn't available to run away with though I would pick Alan Alda. Yes I know he's old now, but who cares!!^
3) Do you cry to much or laugh to little?
^I cry when I want to and I laugh all the time!!!^
4) If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be?
^I can change it, I'm working on it! Lost 54 pounds in the last five months!! Why does it have to come off so slowly???^
5) What was the last naughty thing you did? Do you regret it? Or do you wish to do it again?
^ The last naughty thing I did was send Derek a dirty text, Yes I would absolutely do it again! And no I do not regret any naughty thing I have ever done.* this is the text I sent* "cock sucker.....get on your knees... cock sucker....I'm easy to please....just give it a squeeze,please don't sneeze...Cock sucker, I'm the queen of cheese . Cock sucker.....get on your knees, just ignore all the fleas. Cock sucker I feel free..." *
If you sing it to the song " Hot Blooded" you won't be able to get it out of your head!!

Interview with Libby
1) If you had never started blogging what would you be doing right now instead?
^ I would be laying in my bed depressed and lonely and miserable. I did that for almost two years. ^
2) What is your favorite color?Why? How long has it been your favorite color?
^ GREEN!!!!!! It is soothing to me, it is also vibrant, and just comfy. Forever!!^
3) If you could live your life differently, what exactly would you do, and would you turn out richer or poorer, famous or not? World traveler, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da...
^ I would not change one thing. I am only 34 I still have the chance to be a world traveler. And I will!!!, I would not want to be famous. Famoous people have absolutely no privacy what so ever. No thanks!!^
4)If you could watch only 1 movie iver and over for the rest of your life, what would it be? And if you could read only one book which would it be??
^ Wow tough question! I am going to say either " The color Purple" or " 50 first dates"
books would be either " The mammoth hunters" or "Memnoch the Devil".
5) If you had to choose what to sell first, most of your old movies, or most of your books which would it be?
^ Which ever gave me the most cash. If I am selling that stuff I must be needing money pretty bad. I have had to sell alot of my cd's to feed the kids at times. It sucked, but that stuff is replaceable, kids aren't.^

Interview by Nech77
1) What is your favorite bagel flavor?
^ Plain actually^ * It's all about what goes ON the bagel !!^
2) If you could change your name, what would you choose ? Why?
^ My initials are T>M>T>X>D>J>B>D>Y. I was adopted, I have the name my moo ( MoM of origin) gave me and the name the hospital gave me ( xenia ) No not zeena, ex en ia) and the name my parents gave me. Add to that two married names. I wouldn't change any part of that. I do not however like the name I go by. Denise. GOD I HATE IT!!!! I would way go by Toni. But at the same time.. eh its hard to explain. I would love for my last name to change again. Someday......sigh^
3) What talent do you wish you had? why?
^ I have alot of talents, I am glad I have the ones I have. I would love to be able to draw and do art like that. ^
4) If there was one thing in one person you could change what would it be? For who? Why?
^ I would love to say that I wouldn't change any one. I can't do it. I would change my ex husband, there are too many things to name. I would make both of them want to see their kids. But Jason I would want to make him positive. He is sooo negative, the world sucks, his world sucks and its the governments fault. It goes on and on and I would make him happy. I would want that for him and the kids.^
5) What is your biggest pet peeve?
^ People who can't friggen drive but are out there on the roads, and freeways endangering others^

Interview with Boabhan Sith
1) I know you say your into wicca, but I also see alot of christian things on your site and in your posts. Why did you get into wicca and whats your stand on it?
^I can't recall haveing said I was into wicca. I know I have said things about goddess and blessing my house and that kind of thing. I have a very different set of beliefs. I absolutely believe in God. Totally, I also believe in Goddess. I believe in prayer and in a more earthy spirituality. God made the earth and everything on it. I believe the earth is alive. It has a pulse, and it breathes. I believe in magic. Not the pull the rabbit out of the hat magic. Indian Shaman kind of magic. I believe that what ever you believe is what gives any thing power. wether it be a spell, blessing, or prayer. God gave us that power. This is an entire long post though so I will address it at another time more fully. Great question Bo!!^
2) IF you could get rid of only one stress and you only had today to decide, what would it be and why?
^I would get rid of the stress of money. By either aboloshing it all together or by giving enough to everyone to be healthy, have enough food, and a place to call home.
If you think about it, money is worthless.^
3) Why did you start blogging and what keeps you blogging?
^ I heard about it on a local news channel and decided to check it out, I came across alot of really cool blogs and then one in particular caught my eye, it was Rathwel's ( god I miss him) I started a blog, actually I have like five or six, I don't even remember. Now I keep bloggong because it keeps me sane and out of my bed. I blog because of all the wonderful people I have met. I blog because it is a release of emotions and thoughts that I can't express out loud.^
4) If you were around during creation and God told you, you could create an animal , what would you creat? what would you name it?
^ I believe we were around during creatiion! Right up in heaven giving our opinion to god about what should be here on this planet and others!! I think I would love to take credit for horses and dolphins. Amazing critters!!!!^
5) If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
^ physically I would and am changing my weight. As for everything else about me, I wouldn't change a damn thing!!!!!

Interview by Victoria
1) You have just been contacted that a movie is going to be made about your life. What type of movie would it be and who would be playing you throughout the movie. It could be the same or different people. Describe this movie in detail so I will want to see it.
^ It would be a dramahorrordee, Various people would play me, I think a baby girl of random choosing to play me as a baby, My daughter Lynnie could play me as a little girl, Bellie could play me as an older child, and my Pan could play me as a teenager. I started getting really curvy after that so I don't know who would play me then. I would love to be portrayed as thin so I will go with Julia Roberts to play adult me. Lets see, the movie would go over my moo's getting pregnant with me and having to give me up for adoption, it would chronicle my life and its major events good and bad. Having to put my horse down, having an abortion at 15. Getting beaten by my first husband, emergency surgery to save mine and Sierra's life when I was 7 months pregnant with her. Jason cheating on my at the same time I was in the hospital with that going on. Different stuff I went through with different friends. Being a single mom. Almost dieing when I was three because my kidneys failed. Finding my Moo when I was twenty. Getting to know her and T and S. Finding my two possible fathers. One deceased and one not interested enough to call again. I wouldn't want to watch it!!!!! ^
2) What would you say is the one thing you would most like to change about yourself and why?
^Weight, because I am not comfy being so heavy. It hurts. I want to feel lighter. I don't need to be a stick or anything, I just want to be comfortable.^
3) You have just been given one day to travel anywhere you want and there is no obstacle to prevent you , where would you go and why?
^ Oh wow, the choices are endless..... I would go to Atlantis. Because it is always wonderful to go home again.^
4) If you were to develop a childs toy what would it be, educational, or recreational, color, shape,size, for what age and so forth. Describe fully.
^ I am glad that you clarified that with " childs toy" heh heh.
I would definately want the toy to be educational, but the kids would think it was recreational. I would go with a computer or segga/nintendo/game cube kinda toy. it would be for older kids, and it would be very detailed. The maps would be actual maps of the world and countries and cities and stuff. And the places they would go in the game would be actual places that exist around the world. They would have to learn differnt customs and languages to communicate with others. This would be a game played with other kids from around the world. It would be like one of those sci fi games, but it would be based in reality. Kids would have to go on missions to get certain items. They could pretend to be tomb raiders or lion hunters. Or they could even go into space. They would have no clue they were learning real shit!!!!!
5) Outside of your family, name one person who has inspired and taught you the most in life.
^ Awesome question! There are many actually. Cher, Oprah, Whoopi. Martin Luther King Jr., Elvis, Ansel Adams. People I know personally. Dottie, Vicki, Tim, Leif, Dave, Derek, Jaimie, Katie, Jen, V, Ken, Grant, Ruth, Too many to mention.

WHEW, I think I a made it!!!!!!! LEt me know If I really need to put up the rules again!?!

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