Friday, July 01, 2005

not quite ready yet

I am stilll writing my story for Steel Cowboys.
Challenge!!! I had a post written but then I went away to get the laudry out of the dryer and I folded it up and promptly took a nap. Which I am about to do again in a moment. Yesterday cleaning out the fridge wore me out. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. I didn't have to call the zoo or a scientist or animal control so it went pretty well! I didn't even find anything interesting. I did throw out a whole herd of sauces and stuff though. I never use them and have had them forever. Pretty sure they were past there good til dates. So now I have some ketchup and mayo, mustard and relish, and some terriaki sauce. I got some pickles. Some delicious tea I made and um yeah thats about it. I got to go to the store!
Just in case any one was wondering about my homemade tea:
10 regular black and orange pekoe
2 chamomille
2 spiced chai
and 2 green tea with orange and mango
Talk about delicious!!!! Just add about a cup and a quarter of sugar at the bottom of the pitcher, add some hot water and then put in the tea bags. Let steep for about twenty minutes, throw away tea bags and add ice cubes. SOOO GOOD and refreshing. okay I have to go do more laundry and finish writing that story. I am getting sucked in to the world of Scott and Kelli and their daughter Samantha.

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