Saturday, July 16, 2005


According to my stat counter. People searching for such things as plumber blinkies, ass stuffers, and animal penis's are lead to my blog. Man I bet they are surprised when they get here and find none of the above!!!! Too funny. Okay I can figure the blinkies thing, And I believe I did mention something about a penis sometime, somewhere. As for ass stuffers I have no clue. I am curious now however and must make a search of my own. For the number of asses I'd like to stuff may be few. But it would be worth it to find one just right to shut up one ass in particular. Heh heh, Maybe I will torture you all with some pics. I am in a demented mood. Ass stuffers for sale. right here, 9.99. Get yours now. Heeeeeeee heeee heeee.

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