Sunday, July 24, 2005

A weekend with out kids

Kids are at the cabin, and mom has been out playin!!!!
Friday night went out with my D mom and sister T ( the princess) and Devry. also Anita, her daughter R, and a friend of theirs L. God we had so much fun. An awesome band by the name of breadlineblues was playing. AWESOME!!!! The name of the bar is Rocko's and it's a biker bar. SOOOOOOO much fun. As soon as you walk through the doors it feels like home. We all love it there. So we went back tonight!!! Only minus Anita and her Daughter, and add Dave, I guess he would be the prince since T is the princess.
Derek ( the king) pissed me off tonight. Needless to say I am not accepting his phone calls until tomarrow. I need to go to bed! I will just say that Devry and L were hilarious and the princess was drunk. Dave was a flirt ( as per usual) and we all had a fabulous time.
I got asked to dance a few times. But um. yeah. not gonna happen. I don't dance in front of people. I don't want to be accused of making any one go blind from sheer horror!
Gonna write more later when I can write better.......
Have a beautiful day:)
I was awoken at 6:30 am by my friend ( he is like one of my kids) Brandon. He was at the hospital with Jaimie ( also like one of my kids) Jaimie had a miscarriage earlier in the morning and they had gone to the hospital. The hospital released her and she went home. Brandon said they were home for about an hour and she wouldn't stop bleeding. So they called an aid car and they soomed her back to the hospital where she went almost straight into surgery. He called me back later around 9:30 and said she made it out of surgeryu okay. I know that Jaimie and Brandon are both very upset. She was 14 weeks pregnant, she had just gone to the Doctor on Thursday and got an ultrasound done. They were both so excited. She can get pregnant again yes. But they need some prayers to help them get through this. What ever you believe, please pray. send positive thoughts and energy for them. I am going to see her here in a bit and take her some flowers and love.

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