Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I have discovered that it is not fun to sleep for only an hour and then get up at the buttcrack of dawn to come and watch your sisters children. At least I can take a nap though huh! Thats what I keep telling myself anyway. I can take a nap here in a bit. I want to try to get some things done for my sister first. I am trying to stay awake after all. Just for a bit. Being able to sleep tonight would be fantastic. I was finally able to read blogs today! Gosh I have missed everyone so much. Now I know I am trully addicted. I didn't get a chance to go back and read on the last few days though. I really wanted to do that. I hate not knowing what everyone is doing. I am just a busy body like that. Gotta know what the world is up to. Bloggin is really good for me. It keeps me out of trouble!!!!
Well I suppose I should go do something other then sit here though. I got here at eight and have been on my sisters computer since and it is now after ten!
Shame on me! I have a book to read and everything. Its called " Green Magic."
It's for the witch in me. (heh heh)
Okay I'm outie, I have something to post later today though when I get home.
Hope you all have a marvelous fabulous spendid day!!! SMOOOSHES

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