Thursday, July 28, 2005


I think I might get an interview with the Vet clinic!!!! The eceptionist seemd impressed with my application. YAY!!! That would be a perfect job for me, I love animals, I love people, and I love the idea of helping both people and animals. Derek should be in Tumwater by 5 am. He pulled off the road to sleep for a bit and then he will be headed out again. So he will be here sometime tomarrow morning or afternoon. It depends on if they give him a load to deliver up here or if he just bob tails it. I can't wait to see him. It's only been two weeks. But he is my best friend and it sucks that he is away at all. I keep threatning him that I am going to find a new best friend that doesn't leave me for weeks on end. He just laughs. Which makes me laugh. I called him this morning and gave him a hard time. He was going through some kinda traffic problem so we started talking about accidents.
He told me about an accident in California on the Grapevine, I guess both N and S bound lanes were closed today because of bad accidents on both sides. Sounded pretty narly, he just went through there yesterday so was glad he had already passed it by.
I am going to Rocko's (* home away from home*) tomarrow night. I asked Jaimie if she and Brandon would like to go. So they are probably going to come along. A nice night out for the adults away from the kids. I am sticking with my plan of having one night a week for myself.
AHHHHHH I am soooo excited!!!!!!! I can't wait to see who is performing!!!!!!!

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