Sunday, July 03, 2005

Challenge completed

"Daddy, daddy," yelled Samantha as she ran full out into his arms. Scott swooped his daughter up and spinning around whispered " did you eat all my ice cream?" giggling Sam wiggled out of her dads arms and skipped into the house. As he followed to go in he looked up to the night sky smattered with stars, "god." He said." just a little help." Scott hesitated berfore opening the door. He was afraid of what he was walking into. Sam swung the door open wide, stealing his chance to prepare. He wanted to vomit from the stench of alcohol. The place was a wreck. It was dark in the front room except for the light from the t.v. and a yellowness seeping in from the kitchen.
He walked through calling for his wife.
"Kelli, ...kel...honey where are ya?" As he entered the kitchen he saw her right big toe sticking up, he came around the wall and saw her sitting, legs spread, head in hands, softly crying. He bent down to her,taking her hands, she looked up. The misery in her eyes the brightest thing in the room."
I wanna" she panted. " I. I. Need he-elp." He gathered her in his arms lifting her, holding her close he took her into the bathroom. She couldn't stand on her own, she was too drunk. He stepped into the shower with her, turned the water on and suffered the cold with her. As she sobered a bit he turned on some warmer water. They spoke in low tones to eachother, there was no blame, no angry words. Tears of relief fell from two sets of weary eyes.
It was quietly agreed. They would dress and go to the hospital that night. Scott would call Kelli's sister Meagan and they would figure out everything. The hospital costs could be worried about later. Kelli was to worry about herself only.
Meagan arrived within the hour. She went to Sammie and told her that her mommy was going on a vacation to get better. So she would be staying with her for awhile. Sammie was excited about spending time with her Aunt Meagan but she was worried about her mom too.
Kelli came in to Sammies room to say goodbye and tuck her into bed. " I'll call you every day sam, you are my heartbeat." "I love you." Samantha looked deep into her mommies eyes and said "momma, I will talk to god for you. he will make you better."
Kelli held her breath until they were a block down the road. " That little girl is my LIFE! How could I end up like this? What have I shown her Scott? SCOTT!?! WHAT HAVE I DONE!????
" Kelli,'s gonna be okay now. We're gonna get you better." "everythings gonna be fine."
"Scott, you don't sound so sure of that." " Is there something going on I don't know about?"
"No.No. Kel, everythings fine just you worry about getting sobered up."
The rest of the drive was silent with Scott and Kelli both absorbed in thought. The silence was comfortable between them. A soothing balm rather then a tense bother.
When they reached the hospital the lot was full, so they parked a few blocks up. Neither one of them minded the walk. They put their arms around each other and strolled down to the E. R. entrance. Breathing deeply Kelli looked at her husband, stopped for a moment,looked into his eyes, touching his cheek she said." I am the luckiest woman in the world , how do you put up with my terrible behavior? How can you love such a fool?"
Scott took her hand, turned it , gently pressed it to his lips, looking back into her eyes he whispered. " God said, never call another man a fool, I figure he meant that for chicks too!" His eyes crackling with light he lent down to kiss her as she giggled and kissed him back.

It was hours later that he was leaving the hospital. Bleary eyed and stumbling after all the damn paper work.
They had all agreed that while Kel had walked in of her own accord none of them wanted her walking out willy nilly. So it was agreed that if she wanted out Scott would have to sign her out too.
And he would go along with the Doctor.
Scotts train of thought was de-railed when he almost tripped over a tiny scrap of paper blowing down the street with the breeze. Because of the moonlight it appeared to be glowing. Curious Scott stopped and picked it up. Uncrinkling it he saw it was a lottery ticket bought that day. Absent mindledly he put it in his jeans pocket and got into his truck.

Meagan and Sammie woke him up the next morning with coffee and the paper. Meg said she'd run get some donuts, so Scott and Sam were alone for a spell. Sam asked." Daddy, how long with mommy be on vacation to get better?" " Well , honey it all depends on mommy."
"Daddy. Read da comicals pwease."
Laughing Scott could only nod. he opened the comics page and read them to his daughter.
At the top of one of the pages it had the winning lottery numbers. "Hey Sammie, hand me those pants will ya kid." Dutifully Sam got the pants for her dad. She didn't know what the piece of wrinkled paper was, and she sure didn't understand her dads gaping jaw or huge eyes.
" um, daddy.?"
Whispering " dad, dad, daddy, dad.?"
Panicking a bit now as she had never, ever, been ignorned. " DAD__DY!!!!"
" Screaming and jumping on the bed.

Meagan came racing into the room scared to death. She stopped in her tracks when she saw Scott.
"SCOTT!" "SCOTT!, what is it?"
Touching him she said his name again.
Startled he looked at her." Meg, look at this and tell me if I am wrong."
He handed her the paper and the ticket. She stood there for a moment, shook her head, then slowly sank to the bed.

The door of the Lottery Office swung wide as Scott and Meagan exited. The smiles on their faces could have melted the sun. As they made their way across the parking lot they broke into running leaps. "WOOP! WOOOOOP! WHHHHH HOOOO!
Scott was surely settin up a ruckus! " Meg! do you have any idea how relieved Kelli's gonna be!?!" " oh" "" We can pay for her treatment!." " We can pay off all our debts, we won't lose our house now!!!!!" " We can take Sammie to Disney World. Kelli can go to school again and concentrate on something other then losing the baby.

When they pulled into the hospital parking lot they were practically bursting at the seems with the joyous news they had to tell Kelli.
Kelli was sleepy and pale when they walked in but perked up when she saw the wonderous expressions on her husbands and sisters faces. " Whats going on you two?" she grinned.
Moving the stiff white blankets aside, Scott sat next to his wife. Took her hand in his , kissed it, looked starlight into her eyes. Mesmerized she opened her mouth to speak but found a gentle finger pressing her lips, her eyes glanced to her sister, who stood, feet together, hands to face, slightly hunched over as if in anticipation. That old familiar glimmer in her eyes.
Kelli looked back at Scott. " Baby, our dreams have come true! we won the lottery!!!! NO SHIT BABY DOLL WE GOT IT!!!!"
Kelli simply stared at him, as though he'd lost his mind.
" Wh....what.......what did you say?"
Scott jumped up and spun around, looking at her again he said " We won the lottery. Seven MILLION SMACKA ROONIES!!!!"
Kelli looked at her husband, the man she loved more then life itself and wondered if he was lying to her. Realizing that he wasn't, she said to him. " God has surely blessed us."
" Yes , yes he has baby, he surely surely has!"
"Scott we need to give some of the money to charity!"
" Do you know how many people we can help with money like that!"
" Thats one of the reasons I married you Kelli. You always alyways think of other people too."
We have alot of work to do darling. Alot of work to do.

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