Sunday, July 10, 2005

Been Busy

Well kinda anyway. I just really haven't felt up to blogging lately. I don't feel well still and I am still not sure why. I got a very sudden headache last night that quickly turned into a raging migraine.(They run in the family)And a few hours later it went away just as suddenly. It was really weird. I didn't take anything at all to make it go away, not even a tylenol. It was really weird because I had the smell of garlic, very strong garlic in my nose during the entire time, Sierra couldn't smell it though. And when the migraine disapeared so did the smell. I will just say, I haven't even cooked anything for a few days so I knew it wasn't in the air either. Very strange.I feel weird today. Just like out of sorts and floaty.
No I am not on anything. I quit taking the morphine days ago because I don't need it right now. Its been at least five days since I took it. So its not that. I really can't explain it at all. Which is weird too. Like I said, I just don't feel well. I have visited a few blogs and left a few comments here and there. The other day I was able to visit everyone. I guess I just want to say. Please do not be offended if I don't visit for awhile. I probably won't be posting for a few days either. I don't know yet, it depends on if I get feeling worse or better. It is taking me a long time to type this. I keep having to go back and delete whole words because they are so garbled. Just not me right now. I can usually type 50 or so words a minute with decent accuracy. Without having to look at the key board and I just can't do it right now. Man I hope you are all doing much better then I am at the moment. I hope that everyone down South gets out of Dennis's path. I haven't checked the news how is that going anyway. Did that bastard turn away? I hope so for so many people's sake........

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