Friday, July 29, 2005

Roasted Chicken

I am making roasted chicken for dinner. I feel like I AM a roasted chicken!!
IT is too FUCKING hot here :(
I can't wait until tonight when it cools off and I am on my way with Derek and J and B to Rocko's. We will be meeting my moo and Devry and Landon and T and hopefully D there at the bar. Sitting in the nice cool dark of the bar just sounds like heaven. Listening to what I am sure will be another great band. OH YEAH baby, oh yeah.
God it is just too freakin hot, can't stand this heat, I wish it was legal to go outside without my shirt on. Hell I want to sit in my house naked!! I might just tell Derek to go away or deal with it and do just that.
He already told me to go ahead and take my shirt off. I just laughed at him, he would like that way too much!!! Hell any guy would, with my huge monstrosities that some call " melons". I tell ya, I got Betty Nugs from here to Texas, which is where I think my boobs were grown before they were delivered to me, over night. ( I swear to GOD)
I really want a breast reduction and as soon as I get some kind of medical coverage or win the lottery, I am gonna get one. I hate my breasts. I always have.... I wish they would like fall off or something and leave nice, perky, little boobies that I can hold with one hand each instead of needing both hands to barely hold on to one. ( big sigh) How did I get to this??? Oh yeah, I am hot and want to take my shirt off. Damn I need a fan or something......

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