Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Almost Broke

Aren't bills and responsibilities marvelous wonderous things.
I can't drive my car around with bad tabs. I can't call anyone without a phone. I won't get far without gas now will I. Gotta have laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo, razors, tp. Eeeek gads. 315.00$ every two weeks does not go very far does it. I really hope that I get a call tomarrow to come in for testing for that job. I am going to be job hunting and paying bills all day tomarrow. I did spend a bit of money to get my other gecko car seat cover. So now the front seats are both covered. I looked for the steering wheel cover but neither Wal*Mart or Shucks had them. I want it all. Then I saw the cutest dragonfly set at Wal*Mart. Everything even the seat belt cover things and the garbage bags. I am a stubborn cuss though and I want GECKOS!
Anyway, I found an adorable froggy piggy bank at Wal*Mart too. So of course I had to get that. Hey I am not smoking anymore, I need to give myself some kind of reward right. Right?
The kids had fun shopping with me. I love taking them to the store. They where a little louder and more rambunctious then usual but we had fun.
We saw one poor unfortunate gal who was dealing with a SCREAMING 4 or 5 year old, her infant was getting upset by it, and her 8 or 9 year old kept trying to run off. She looked so desperate for a little peace and quiet. I just wanted to hug her and tell her to walk away for a few minutes I would stay right there in that spot and she could just get a breath of fresh air.
I didn't do it though. Many reasons I suppose. One I didn't know her. Two she may have thought I was a kidnapper or something, because, one I didn't know her. Three, I didn't know for sure that she would come back. I think that was the biggest one right there! I did feel awfully bad for her though. Lady wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you are in my prayers.
I have decided to write a letter to my childrens fathers. I am going to post it on line and then I am going to email both of them with the url. I am hopeing that the kids might then hear something from their sperm donors.
I know thats not a nice way to refer to them. Thats the way I see it though.
They gave what they had and walked away. The girls miss their dad and Pan wants to know her father. Don't you think they should get to do that.
okay I gotta go write that now. My back is killing me so I took some vicodin. Another med I am allergic to. Only less then codeine. So far its been allright, I am just a little itchy. My doctor prescribed ms contin and ativan. But L& I is lame and they won't pay for my prescriptions. I had to call and deal with that today too. Hopefully my case manager will have that figured out shortly too.
Everyone have a marvelous day and don't forget to stop by S.S. S. I put up another post. It's short but I think you will like it. T I hope you feel better today. D you too. Derek I miss you!! Hi Cam I hope you feel better too.
Sheesh everyone I know is sick. Speaking of which. Everyone please stop by Jerzee's sight she is having a bad time and has sun poisoning to boot.Wish her better!!!!!

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