Monday, June 13, 2005


I am in a strange mood. Don't know if it can be described.
I feel cloudy,no foggy, hmm maybe smothered is the word I am looking for.
I have a strange sense of foreboding, maybe it is because I just read my sisters blog and I know what hell her neighbors have been putting her through and I have been waiting for her to explode.
Maybe it is because I talked to Derek last night and he was in Vegas spending his money on gambling. I think he is becoming addicted.
Maybe I am just in a slump. I never heard anything back about that job. I really wanted that job too. So I have been looking for a different one, I need training of some kind. I only know how to do a few things and I don't have enough experience in others etc etc. It's just a bit depressing. I am sure that something will come up when ever it is supposed to. Just as long as I keep my eyes open and my ears perked so I don't miss the opportunity when it comes along. Basically I need to find a job where a company or small business would be willing to train me to do there office stuff. I can no longer be a caregiver. I can't bend, stoop, or pick up heavy items. And I cannot sit or stand all day long. I have to be able to move around at will basically. I figure an active desk job where I am sitting at times and standing or walking around at times would be just right. Don't know where to go to do that though. I have some office skills, great customer service skills, and I am organized. I learn very fast as long as it is hands on. Otherwise it takes me a bit longer.But I will still catch on fairly quickly. I am also pretty good at figuring things out for myself. I need help finding a job I can do!!!!
Other then that things are kinda slow around here. Bitch in boots came to get some more of her stuff today and we talked a bit. She has a beautiful new puppy! Pure pitt! Lovely beastie, absolutely lovely.
The cable guy came today to set me up with comcast for my puter!!!! YAY!!!! I am getting places so much more quickly now!Bye bye house phone!
Derek should be here in a few days if they don't send him elsewhere.
His nephew is graduating highschool this week!!! YAY CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This boy, excuse me, young man , is very intelligent and has got his shit together!
Talked to one of the J's dad yesterday. Poor Jack, he is angry with his son too.
I guess J ran out pretty much on his last wife and their two children to go do whatever with who ever he is with now.
Talked to the other J's sister, she is frustrated that she hasn't heard from J but she is convinced that he will call sometime in the future and that he is just trying to work things out for himself.I don't know I think K is giving J too much credit. A real man would be able to work things out without abandoning his children.
In my opinion anyway.
I guess my "Feelers" are just hurt that he hasn't called or anything to talk to his kids.
Lots of interesting debates going on out there in blogville. Lots of wonderous events too. Some interesting facts have been learned. Dramas have been played out. Diseases have been given names (luv ya A.V.)Silver linings have been found. Children have come home. And connections have been made.
I don't know what I would do without all of you!!
I hope everyone has a fabulous day.

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