Monday, June 27, 2005

Boring,boring, boring

I do not feel well still, and so I haven't done much today. There is nothing to do but clean and that is just boring. Every time I stand up I can see my heart beat by way of flashes in my eyes. Its a little nerve wracking. I made Bellie help me with the basic cleaning, there was no way I could bend over. So she got to do the dust pan and mopping thing.
On a side note: I hope I didn't offend anyone yesterday with my post. No, Iron chef, number four did not mean Abnormal. Nor did it mean Wanda. So far in my life they are the only two people who have made politics make any sense to me what so ever. (thank you for that Abnormal and Wanda!!!)
I was bouncing around the internet last night for quite some time, looking for pics of interesting things. FUNPICS.COM has some entertaining pics for sure!!!! I spent hours perusing the site. Some of the pics fascinated me. Only because I am strange though. WARNING ADULT CONTENT AHEAD>>>>>There are pics there of men that have two penis's. I couldn't help but wonder what would that be like. To be a man with TWO penis's, healthy ones to boot, both perfectly usable. And then I wondered what would it be like to be that dudes girlfriend. You know how would that conversation go of him saying uh hon there's something about me you should know..... how many women out there would walk away right there and how many would jump his bones right there???
Then of course there are the pics of men transforming into women. So they have been taking hormones and have boobs and penis's. I know some people who would really dig that. Me not so much.. then there are a few hermaphrodite pics. people who were born both male and female. Now that was interesting and I am going to do some more research on it. Can you imagine how THAT conversation would go. Here you are dating a manly man, buff, bearded, tattooed, built chest, not moobs or boobs just nicely muscled. And he says he has something to tell you. Can you imagine hearing, I am a man, I look like a man, I feel like a man but I have this certain anatomy......okay people with all honesty who would stay and who would run like the wind? Me I am weird I guess, cuz If I was in love with him I would stay. Even if we did have more in common then most folks do with there signifigant other. Does that make me sick do you think? Seriously what would you do???? Just something to ponder maybe the next time you are bored.
The world should never, ever, ever let me get bored like this EVER.!!END OF ADULT CONTENT<<<<<<

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