Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Trade? No Way!

Today I saw the most wonderful thing! To me it was anyway, the dust of naustalgia got in my eyes and made them tear up. I swear thats what it was...
I was coming home from the store when I heard honking and screaming, WOO HOO kinda screaming, YAY I am young and alive and just accomplished somthing huge kinda screaming.
Three decorated pick up trucks came cruising down the street, Filled to the brim with happy, screaming teenagers. You guessed it. GRADUATES! Just writing about it now brings tears to my eyes along with the ear to ear grin. They were so happy and proud of their accomplishments.
So thrilled just to be in that exact moment.
For me the moment was bittersweet.
I was confused at first as to why I would cry at such a thing. Then I realized.
I never graduated. I never got to walk that walk. I was to busy doing other things. Like being married to young and expecting Pan. I was too busy graduating in other areas of life. To busy getting a different kind of education. You know, while I was thinking about it. I realized that I had been such a dumb ass. But I am one heck of a happy dumb ass I tell you what.
I wouldn't give up my Pan, I wouldn't give up being married to that Jerk wad. And I certainly wouldn't give up everything I learned. I have decided just this moment right now that I have graduated. I deserve to feel just as proud of myself for the things I have accomlished in my life.
That cap and gown and diploma are mine! Mostly I just want to say congradulations to every kid in the world who is walking up to that podium and grabbing ahold of that diploma. It wont be the last one you earn. And to all those who never walked that walk. Congradulations to you to. Learning from life is not easy which ever way you go about it.
Victoria you are so right. Life IS simply good! ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY!!!!)
God bless us all, each and every one.

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