Saturday, June 18, 2005


I regret to inform the blogging world of the loss of a wonderful human being.
I recieved an email from the family of Stuart O. He was a wonderful friend and a great man.
His posts were inspiring and timely. Stuart, so many times the words you sent to me via email eased my aching heart, or lightend my soul. Your Peace Of Mind blog meant the world to me, as it was a way to share with you, my friend, our love of God. That you are in heaven I have no doubt. Watch over us Stuart, visit often in our dreams. I pray for your family and dear friends that they are comforted in their loss of you. Go brightly with the speed of light my friend. We will meet again at the feet of our Lord.

Image hosted by I will miss you very much..

In honor of Stuart I will not be blogging anymore today. It is my way of giving a moment of silence.

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