Thursday, June 23, 2005

Busy today

It's been a busy day. Derek woke me up this morning at 7:15 a.m. to tell me in a text " Im in Newport on the beach.ha ha!" We sent texts back and forth for a bit, then I went back to sleep. I haven't heard from him all day again. It drives me nuts, though only because I am allowing it to. I know he loves me. He's my best friend. I also know he's in love with me. He shows it in a gazillion ways.
Anyway. Went to visit with my D mom today she moved back up here again. She was babysitting my nephews and my niece so I kept her company. I told her right away about dude that is bothering me. T (my sister the princess) and D mom know dude because he is my brother Sev's friend. Anyway, I told my mom what had happend that had me freaked out. She agreed whole heartedly with me, saying it freaked her out too. My bro stopped by to bring clean unders for his youngest son and mom told him."You had better talk to DUDE, he's gonna have Derek on his ass." Sev looked at me, mom told him what DUDE said. Sev quit grinin a said." I will go talk to him right now." He didn't look happy. I know DUDE is his friend. But I am too embarrassed to say what it is that DUDE has been calling and saying to me. Gross, Rude, and unacceptable are just a few words to describe. But when he said to me that he was thinking of sneaking into my house to surprise me and wake me up. Well I get the heebies just thinking about that. THAT is why I called Derek. I can almost gaurantee that Derek will be looking for DUDE and letting him know to leave me the hell alone. He doesn't have to do this. I just have a feeling that he will. Just to make sure DUDE knows I am not unprotected . That I DO have big strong men friends that happen to care a great deal for me and my kids. I am telling you though. I want to move. I want to change my number. I am afraid to be alone here with my kids. Sometimes I feel like that anyway. Then I realize, I am not some pansie ass whiney damsel in distress bitch. I CAN TOTALLY KICK ASS! If I need to protect my kids, I have no doubt that I would just go absolutely amazonian nutso blender karate crazy.
I don't think I will be online much tomarrow either. Or the next day. I have alot of stuff to get done around here. I just wanted to say that because I don't want any of you to think that you are being ignored. I gotta do something about the way my life is going. Job hunting is getting me no where so far. I need more luck with that. I hope you are all doing wonderfully. THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS!:)

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