Friday, June 10, 2005


First a couple of thankyou's are in order. Princess T: thankyou for posting for me last night, I appreciate that very much. And Se7en thankyou so much for fixing up the pic on haloscan for me!!!!
Jerzee, I just got this contraption working so it may take me until later tonight to get the blinkies fixed on your blog. First I have to figure out what you did to them!LOL. I love ya girl, ya know I do!!!!!!
I have been thinking lately(can you see the smoke?). Actually it started with a dream I had. I was in Australia, out in the outback somewhere, Living with an aborigine tribe. I was teaching them about God, and they where teaching me about there beliefs(which were beautiful). Anyway, I dreamt that I was there for a year with my kids. Learned all kinds of amazing and beautiful lessons about life. And came back with a young man (15) who wanted to come to America to go to school to be a Doctor. Anyhow, that got me thinking. Do they need people to go to Australia. I thought they were pretty up on religions over there. But wouldn't be cool to do missionary work somewhere! Just think of all the stuff you would learn. Not just about another culture, but about llfe!
Now I want to check into that. Maybe at least donate to a church who is sending people out to missions.
I realized last night when I couldn't be online, that I was okay. I don't HAVE to be online to feel that all is well in the world. I sure did want to post though. And I sure missed reading everyones blogs. I need to go run off and do that now. I didn't like being cut off against my will! It was different when I went to the cabin, I made the choice to turn the computer off. Does that mean I am addicted, or that I have no life????
I still do all the things I am supposed to do. I still do all the things I want to do.
My house is clean the kids are fed, homework is done.We go and do things.
I don't think I am addicted. I am not leaving out the possiblity though...
Heh heh, I gotta go read and visit... Love ya all I really do:)

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