Thursday, June 02, 2005

Its tooo early for my brain

It is just way to early for my brain to function properly today, I believe I will be taking a nap here in a few hours. I have some things to take care of this morning. But after that(big sigh).
I have free time to catch a few zzzz's. Chatted with a friend last night(hi cam!!).
He reads but doesn't want a blog himself. Thats okay, I just like that he's interested enough in me to read my blog!!!!!!(smooshes).This is where not going to Mississippi is working out for me after all.... Got a new car, better then the old one, don't have to move after all because of the situation with the buyer, its gonna take awhile because he's a developer. Might be getting a VERY good job(cross fingers, send up prayer).
I am still definately moving out of this town though. I don't want Amanda to have to go to school here. I think she needs a different environment all together. I am thinking Granite Falls. Very small town, smaller schools, the highschool is tiny!! I feel a small place like that would be good for all of us. Just no rinkie dink trailers though. The last time we lived in Granite with friends the trailer had holes in the floor and ceiling, IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We only lived their for a month then we moved in with another friend there in the park. His trailer did not have holes!!!! That was a huge relief. Anyway, how did I get so off track..
Not just in this post but in life? WOW, when I look back it surprises me how many times I have moved, how many times I have screwed up and been practically homeless. If I hadn't made those "mistakes" though I wouldn't be who I am, I wouldn't have met the people I met, and I wouldn't have learned alot of what I now know. It may have been a rollercoaster ride but I am sure glad I went on it. Yes that means things have often been unstable for the kids. But you know what. They had me. Although once Sierra and Lynn had to live with their dad. It was right after he left for another woman. I had no way to pay all of everything and so it was out the door.
That was a fiasco and an entirely different post. Anywho, got the kids back, got a job, got a place, bought a car, got new furniture, all within two months. Love those girls!!! Can't and won't live without them. Where am I going with this??? Whoa am I tired.
Oh yeah.. so I will be looking in GF for a place but not for a few months yet. I don't plan on moving until August. Right before school starts. That way I can save up the money I earn at this job I am going to get( I know I will , I know I will, I know I will).
I just keep telling myself that everything will work out and everything will be okay. And so far that has worked pretty dern well.
WEll I am just rambling on about everything and nothing at all. I think I will go see what everyone else is up to today before I leave off out of here. Then its nap time. And everyone please stop by this OCEAN LOVERS site. He and his wife lost a dearly loved pet. Send them some cyber hugs please. Everyone have a splendiferous day!!!!!

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