Tuesday, June 21, 2005


All my thoughts are circular.
there are no straight forward lines of cognition.
I am losing this boxing match inside my mind.
Purple, green , red, and silver.
I can't see, I am so blinded with thinking of you.
I don't know why I allow this torturing of myself
I am a prisoner of this war you are fighting with you.
I cannot break these confusion chains.
The want to, has left me standing, on the side of myself.
Liberty from my heart. grant this to me please god.
I fall on my painted knees.
still is my heart now. Still is my soul.
I am left empty. there is no light.
This vessel is barron of desire's and dreams.
There is no music here.
I cannot revolve around your world anymore.
Self destruction.
Reaching to the stars for sanity.
Rainbows never end.
The sky does not begin.
Silence again.
Filtering swirls of twilight glow.
Sneaking thinkings going round.
slithering spotlights
I leap.
from the moon.
to listen to you breathe
I am
no more.

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