Sunday, June 19, 2005


First things first before I go on about my business.
I would like to point to the new item on my sidebar. I have made a memorial to Stuart.
Please everyone visit his site and read the last poem he posted the day before he passed. Stuart was an inspiration to many. And a great friend to all who were graced to meet him. The memorial will be on my blog as long as I have it.
I would like to say thank you to everyone who pasted a comment. It means alot to me and I know it means alot to Stuart.
Jac, I am so sorry for Dereks behavior last night when you im'ed me thinking I was still on line.
I am not feeling well today. Don't really know why, just have zero energy and didn't really want to get out of bed. We had a great time yesterday going to the Parade here for the Strawberry Festival. There where planes flying in formation over head. The news chopper was swooping around. With everyone waving at it all up and down our main street. We are all atteniion whores here in Marysville.The parade is usually boring but this year it was actually really great. I did have the shit scared out of me though. Stupid Fucking CLOWNS! GOD I HATE CLOWNS!!!!! And this one was FREAKY, (shiver)
Just thinking about his bright orange hair sticking straight up really tall like flames, and his red painted mouth and orange exagerated eye paint... If you could see me right now you would probably laugh. (shiver again, with a gag) God I have goosebumps. THAT Stupid clown got sooo close I had to scream and cover my head in my sweatshirt.My kids were laughing at me. Amanda was pulling on my sweatshirt saying " he's gone mom he's gone." I just screamed into my boobs. Sierra who was sitting on the other side of me says." OH mom DON"T LOOK! He's right in front of you." I screamed again and made myself believe it was AMANDA that was pulling on my sleeve. I was terrified and frozen, I couldn't move, I started sweating. Only when Sierra told me that he was gone would I look up. The rest of the parade went by without incident. Then we walked home in the semi dark. It was lovely being able to walk down the middle of the main street with no fear. With so many other people from my city. I love Strawberry Festival. I think I will stay home today though. I heard something about clowns being at the carnival today.
YEAH I will stay RIGHT HERE thankyou very much!!!!!
Going to visit everyone now. I hope you all have a splendiferous day.
And don't forget.
God loves you!!!
OH that reminds me.
I love frogs right. Well I can't remember where the heck I saw it so if you know please let me know.
Frog stands for Fabulous Reminder Of God.!!!!!
I thought of a few on my own too.
LIke Dog is Dream Of God.
and Hold On to GOD or HOG ( I am thinking Harleys here people)
And I had one for cat but now I can't remember what it was. I know the A was Alah
I almost Forgot!!!!!!
Thankyou for the lovely reminder Victoria:)
AND to all those dads out there be you men or single moms HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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