Friday, June 03, 2005

Broom Fell

Companies coming!
Talked to Derek yesterday and he was in California, on his way to Yakima Washington, he will probably be headed this way after that!!!
I sooo love this man he is my best friend in the entire world!!!!! I can't wait to see him again:)
As most of you know my sister T has published her blog!!!! YAY T!!!!!
She has not smoked in three + weeks!!!!!! YAY again!!!!
It has been two weeks and two days for me, No cravings and when I smell cigarette smoke I- want- to- gag. I went out last night for a while with my folks and some family friends, we went to a tavern...blech..on the way home I got a wiff of my hair...blech again, I had to take a shower when I got home to get the smell off me. It was N.A.S.T.Y.
Today T and my D -Mom came over and we had pizza for lunch. T brought me a Mt. Dew. God I LOVE my sister:)
Then we went shopping at GOODWILL( I freeking love that place).
I ran into an old friend that I haven't seen in years and found out that she is living with another friend that I haven't seen in years!
So got their numbers and we are going to get together sometime next week to catch up on old times...Awesome..( to borrow a line from ol'hoss)
"I always vote" for old friends I haven't seen in years.
Didn't buy anything at GOODWILL, but I did see a froggie piggy bank that I would like. It made me laugh, those are always the best chotchkies, the ones that give you a giggle when ever your eye happens to catch them. Been wandering around the internet now for a bit, collecting blinkies, I am seriously addicted to then now. I am on the hunt for a princess blinkie to put on my sisters blog. Since she is THEE Princess!!!( royalty runs in this family).
I haven't been reading blogs today, I really must run off and do that.
I have to add a few blinkies and an avatar to T's blog first though. I am having so much fun with this!!!!!!! I am also going to spice up S.S.S. tonight or tomarrow morning, along with posting there again. It has been awhile and I have a little storie running through my mind, or would that be screwing around in my mind...( haa haa haa) I crack myself up sometimes!!! Okay everyone have a wondiferous, beautimus evening !!!!!!

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