Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Washing hands

It always sucks so much to say goodbye to something that once was so cherished.
It is sad, when something you once loved so much ,breaks.
It is sadder still when a friendship ( in this case two) that has been dear to your heart suddenly goes sour. When friends that you have had for long periods of time go bad like over ripe fruit. When you have to therefore throw away something that once meant the world to you.
I have done that today. So this is a dear John letter of sorts.
So hear it goes.
Dearest Veronica ( aka) snowvhite)
I am sorry that you feel the need to lie about what happend, I am sorry that you felt the need to come to my blog and talk smak about me. I know that it made you angry when my dad made you leave, I know you kissed my ass while you where waiting to make sure you did indeed have everything you wanted from this house. I know you think I am wrong for feeling betrayed by you and Jen.
There is no reason to come here and lie out right to me. I know the truth. And so do you. When Jen screws you the way you screwed me I cannot be here for you.
I just can't do it again. I wish that I could say differently, I wish that I could be the better person. I can't. My bad. You'll get over it.
I will continue to love and care about you from a distance. I hope that you will see the light someday and come to regret what you have done smiling all the while. Not because something bad happens to you, but just because you realize that what you did was wrong. I wish you the best in life. Now please just go on your merry way and leave me to live mine.

It really hurts to say goodbye. Sometimes it is all you can do.

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