Thursday, January 27, 2005

I wonder sometimes

Sometimes I wonder what the heck goes through a mans head,oh say for instance when his best female friend tell him she is in love with him?
Especially after HE said in front of MANY witnesses that if he and his (THEN) girlfriend ever broke up that said best friend would be the person he would be with next.Especially when he has told said best friends sister that best friend was his idea of the perfect woman for him.
But for some reason now that they are broken up and all and have been for several years now he is still telling best friend that they are too close to be together, that they know eachother too well to be a couple, that she is his best friend and he wouldn't want to lose her . That she is above his standards, (this is not a compliment either by the way).I don't understand how a man can flirt and flirt and flirt and say seriously misleading things (if he doesn't mean them) Like for example, if you weren't my best friend we would make and awesome couple, I would love to be with you. NOW how the HELL am I supposed to take that statement???????? Men make absolutely no sense to me what so ever.
He flirts with me and tells me how wonderful I am and how perfect I am for a guy like him, He gets boners when we wrestle around or I just back into him on accident. He comes up behind me when I am doing laudry and grabs my hips and pretend to (well he bumps into me repeatedly)anyway, he walks around with his hand down his pants all day, and when I tell him to knock it off he says something about playing with himself.and how big he is, then makes jokes about me!!!!!
I mean it is just really hard to explain...People that don't even know us think we are together. Seriously we walked into a gas station and the ladies behind the counter asked us how long we had been married. When he got his hair cut the lady thought we were together and I am sure its because he kept referring to me as his queen and that I was to say if his haircut was good enough.That is it was up to me.
I tell him all the time to pull his head out of his ass and we made a joke about it that he is a cheerio and I am the queen of his harem( another story for another time) and so hence my url of cheerios and queens...This sucks it trully does. I love him so much and he scares the crap out me at the same time. I think he is having the same issues, I just don't know someone explain men to me please!!!! I am begging on my knees..........

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