Saturday, January 29, 2005

Technical difficulties

I don't know whats up with blogger but some of the pages I go, pop up these things that ask me if I want to download this or that and when I say no it freezes my computer to the point where I have to pull the power to the tower,(hmmm I'm a poet and didn't know it)
So I am now afraid to visit certain blogs. Rathwel I apologize but your blog is now doing this to me so unless I go to the library I won't be able to see latest stuff going on in your blog.
This sucks because I enjoy your blog so much! There is always something interesting going on there...
I don't know why this happens at some blogs but I don't like it and I don't know what I can do to stop it. I have a jurassic boat anchor and can't do pop up blocker because I don't have the capacity for it aaarrrgggggg.
In other news. My PARAnormal friends came over again last night and we chatted, veggie brought me a book on si(self injury) so I can learn more about Pans problem and maybe get some tips on how to handle it.
I met with the Deacon this morning and he gave me a 50$ gift card to safeway!!!!!!
So now I have a half tank of gas and a bunch of groceries and laundry soap and shampoo and conditioner YAY!!!!!THankyou JEEBUS!
My friend wants me to go see her new apaprtment but it is like an hour away and I just can't do it. I need the gas in my car for running that I have to do.
My Dmom is up from Olympia, she got her divorce finalized yesterday.Thankyou Jeebus again!!!!!!!
It is still really warm here, that pineapple express ROCKS!
I hate the cold and I hate snow even more (except snowvhitev)
I love her very much we have been friends for 20 years!!!!!!
Man that makes me feel old.
When I think about my friend TJ I feel even older, we met in first grade! That was sooo long ago oh my GOD! 28 years ago almost 29 HOLY MOLY batman!!
When I consider the fact that I am closer to friends I have had for 6 years it makes me kinda sad that I have lost touch with TJ.We still talk about once a month or two months, I think we need to reconnect. I am going to call her when I get offline.
The kids don't have school on Monday and they are already driving me up the wall.
I am used to my quite time..I love them though and they crack me the moment they are doing some americanized childlike rendition of a Russian dance...LMAO!
Hmmm maybe its Jewish dudududdu du du du .......
OKay now that thats over,maybe I can concentrate..
I haven't heard from Buttman and I am pretty upset about that, he called me for like 5 minutes and then his kids got home so he had to go, said he would call me back and I haven't heard from him since- that was like 6 days ago...I am sooooo kicking his ass the next time he is here!
OH YEAH METALLICA! God I love these guys,they just ROCK!
Speaking of people that rock JOE COOL you are AWESOME!!!!!
I also think that TISH ROCKS TOO! And JERZEE that girl cracks me up!
Boabhan always has interesting stuff going on at her blog, and BITCH IN BOOTS, is a riot with her dating escapades! CEDIA has always got some kind of ehem something going on LOL
and MERRITT is just plane SUPERMOM of the century :) DL is always an excellent read often funny and always thoughtful. I will be adding a link to my roniveggie at snowvhitev.

I am thinking I might go visit my sister today, not sure though. I kinda feel like laying in bed in all day and watching t.v., I am still not feeling good and I don't know why. I think I have a cold or something.I just feel really run down , maybe I just need a mental health day.Yoga and meditation sounds lovely to me.
Hmm yes I am off to go do some meditating....ooommmmmm :)

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