Saturday, January 29, 2005


I started writing this story in 99 put it aside and forgot all about it, I found it today while looking through some stuff, I would like to get feedback on it to see if it is worth finishing.

The air was cool against her abused flesh, she hoped they would stop and go away. unfortunatley they weren't through yet. She didn't even have the strength to moan in protest,as they did unspeakable, horrendous, excruciating things to her bruised and bloody body."why won't they go away" was the only thought her tortured mind could produce,eventually it didn't register anything at all,she couldn't think, hear, or see.
Her first thought was to wonder how long she had been out. Only slightly aware of the ringing and buzzing in her ears, she couldn't see through the red haze that had become a part of her vision, she could feel nothing but a throbbing numbness in her breasts and lower extremities,from the hips down she new she was a bloody mess. Her head had that lost to much blood feeling."I don't want to die out here like this,alone, I can't die without my girls, I can't die.....I can't die........I can't die"
She slowly faded into a black oblivion of unconciousness again, not knowing how close help was.

"Damn partying kids,ripped up the field again, let the bulls out to the damn road, tore up the woods good this time, damn clean up the mess before Hammer sees it."
The tall blonde man walked deep into the woods following the new ruts the mens truck made
when they decided to take the woman for some fun. As the blonde man got closer to where he thought the party had taken place, he began to shiver.
The closer he got the more he shivered.He quickend his pace until he reached the clearing, he stopped and let his eyes wander, at first he didn't recognize the strange flesh colored lump he was looking at. He did a double take when he realized it was a woman lying naked, prone, and bloody. He raced to her side and checked for a pulse."My god!, she's still alive.....but barely." The man reached for his belt, grabbed his two way and called up to the house. "Hammer, this is River,get Johnny Gale and Ghost Rider get in the truck and hightail it up here to Ibex trail head, we've got a brutally raped and beaten young woman up here, River out."
He dropped the radio, pulled his shirt up over his head and gently laid it over the womans torso, he removed his t-shirt and placed that over her legs, he began checking for broken bones excessive bleeding, checked to see if she was still breathing...He couldn't believe she had made it through such an obvioulsy horrendous rape and torture.
She moaned distracting him from his thoughts, he tried to soothe her but when he touched her face she passed out again.
He heard Hammers truck sooner then he thought he would, he was surprised to see Bear, as a rule the huge man was essentially a loner,spoke only Sioux, and generally didn't care what went on with people.
Bear was the first one from the truck to reach River and the woman. The hulk of a man had tears in his eyes as he reached down and scooped the battered woman into gentle loving arms, River heard him whisper "little sister,little sister, all will be well," He gave no one a chance to even glimpse the woman. he simply turned on his heel and walked to the truck, the three people with him stood frozen for a moment, to shocked to move or speak. Hammer was the first to follow. He silently walked to the truck and started the engine.
Johnny Gale and Ghost Rider got in the bed of the truck with Bear and the woman. River jumped up front with Hammer.
She came around a bit when she felt movement under her, it was painful being jostled around and she quickly passed into unknowing again. Johnny Gale gasped when she got a good look at the woman. She KNEW her!. Johnny had once taught her and learned from her,she knew the woman had 3 little girls, and she wondered where they where. "Ghost, I know her, her name is Feather,she has three children, we had better call her family and make sure her children are okay. She's lost alot of blood she should go to the hospital!"
"Johnny if she goes to the hospital they will poke and prod at her and insult her body even more,I think it should be her choice."
Johnny, she not go, we heal little sister."
Johnny and Ghost simply stared at the man whom they thought couldn't speak english. They had never seen him touch another person but he was craddling Feather, and calling her little sister!
They where shocked. Ghost knew then that she was going to be joining there group, and the faster she was pledged the better it would be.But no "woman" was ever pledged. They either married in or where born in. He would need to speak with Hammer.....

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