Thursday, January 27, 2005


Everyone that knows me will tell you that I am weird,strange,tacky,funny, nutters,off kilter, etc, here is a partial list of reasons why I think they say this.
1) I absolutely love Drag Queens.I want to be with a man who will put on fish net stockings for me and maybe a corset and a feather boa..mmmm..
2) I LOVE BIKERS, be they clean cut and business suity weekend bikers or be they dirty grungee long bearded long haired miscreants! Be they bald, tatooed, pierced,leather jacketed, or just naked on a harley, any biker on this planet can have me to keep forever....
3) I think the lizard man is a hottie.
4)I think that men covered in tattoos are sexy.
5) I love a bald man just as much as I love a man with long hair.
6) Heavy machinery gets me excited.
7) I actually own a cat of nine tails.(this is a type of whip,not a type of household feline.)
8)I don't like sports
9) just the thought of a hard (errrr ummm )(yeah one of those) makes my mouth water.
10)I swallow
11) I am not attracted to white collar business men unless they own a Harley.
12) Quite and shy men scare men
13) no offense to very under tall people but you kinda scare me.
14) I am still afraid of blenders, it took me until 2 years ago to get over my fear of lawn mowers.
15) I think that lord of the dance guy is a FREAK!!!! NO ONES FEET SHOULD MOVE THAT FUCKING FAST!!!!
16) I love the show the king of the hill! I'll tell you what.
17) I cannot stand the thought of anal anything,makes me wanna curl up in a ball and cry, I couldn't even take my kids temps when they where babies,armpits always! Its just to invasive and I damn near killed an er doctor for doing it to one of my kids...seriously there was security and blood everywhere..(from the doc's broken nose!) (what would you do if you walked into your childs er room and saw something like that and your kid was screaming!)
18)I have never been to jail but I have been arrested.
19) I was once the only chick who didn't suck the strippers (PART) at a wedding shower.
20) I listen to music from all ages and genres ( I am teased about this sometimes)
21) I actually loved CREED
22) I once had 9 cats and one small dog.(that dog was so mentally screwed)
23)I love pickled herring but will not even TRY sushi, just sounds nasty.
24) I am over 250 pounds but I can do the splits and bend in other unnatural ways.( I was 352 ! and I could still do the sp
25)I cannot throw anything like a rock or a baseball more then five to ten feet (okay ten feet is giving myself ALOT of credit) This never fails to crack up the people who love me. But I can throw a basketball across the entire court and make a basket.... go figure.
26) I think really dumb stuff is hilarious and will often be the only one laughing at something. I am easily amused what can I just cracks me up.
27)I can't remember half the stuff I do or say, but I can still tell you the room number to every resident at Grandview Village, where I used to work, and the meds they used to take and what for, and when they got there showers etc.
28)I cannot remember what I ate yesterday but I can tell you the favorite foods of just about everyone I know.
29) I CANNOT learn by watching or being told, I have to read it, do it, or figure it out for myself.
30) I can not sleep at night,unless heavily medicated or completely exhausted. It must be daytime for me to even feel sleepy.and if I have to be up during the day, I feel off kilter and just plain ucky.
Not that you wanted to know any of that stuff but this is my blog, if you want something else to read check out the links on the sidebar they lead to some very awesome blogs. Oh yah I put another post on SSS to for anyone who is interested, and thankyou to all the folks who left comments on the last post I did there.
I hope you all are warm and safe.
Boabhan if you read this I cannot seem to leave a comment on your blog.I cannot even get the comment page to appear.

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