Friday, January 28, 2005

something to think about

I don't know what it is about GOD, He works in the most mysterious of ways I tell you what!
Today after talking to GOD for the better part of the night about my desperate money situation, I was struck with the brilliant idea to call local churches to see if I could get some help. So I called, and I was able to receive 2 food baskets with such useful stuff as tp, and dish soap included along with some great non-perishable food items.! The thing that struck me the most however was .Not one single person I contacted made me feel like the loser I feel that I am right now.EVERY single person I talked to be they male or female treated me with dignity and respect. One church even gave me a ten dollar gift card to Safeway and I was able to get milk and eggs and butter and bread! I have a meeting with a Deacon from another church tomarrow morning to see if they can help me with more food and some gas money so I can go job hunting, get to physical therapy etc.The thing that was wonderous and mysterious to me was the fact that I was having some issues earlier with a newer version of aol and I got booted while talking to the techy guy, as soon as I was booted the phone rang and it was the Deacon of the church I am going to in the morning!!! Amazing to me!
I had to call the American Red Cross also today to try to get help with my electricity bill.
That woman was sooo nice she told me she could pay 60$ of the bill and if I wanted to come in and watch an energy conservency video she would help with another 25$! WOW I said, of course I can watch a video.Hell I'd take whatever class they wanted me to. I asked about voluteering but was told that they are not having any of their classes right now as all of the trainers are working on the Tsunami thing...then I felt like a loser again, because here I am living in America and there is no disaster except my life, but I still have a roof over my head, and food on my table and clothes on my back. Here I am going to the RED CROSS to get help with my electricity when there are people in other parts of the world who live without that certain commodity..I am sooooo very grateful for the help I received today and will receive tomarrow, but I feel like a shit for it too...
Not only has GOD helped me and mine out today (and everyday for that matter) but he also managed to make me think more positively about my situation. A double extra quadruple lesson today. AWESOME.
THANKYOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!


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