Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Excuse me please while I bitch,moan, whine, and complain, and pretty much blow the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I am SUFFERING today!
I don't like this no not one little bit......
I have no Mountain Dew and NO Marlboro's to ease my grouchiness back into its normal deal able self.I have become a monster...
I am a whirlwind of wanna blow my top and scream at everything that passes by me today.
My animals have been yelled at for doing no more then jumping in my lap for a rub, and the kids that are home for various reasons are steering clear as they where previously warned to do so and they know better having been with me since the day they where born....
I want to tear the head off of something.I am losing my ever loving mind!
This trully and completely SUCKS :(
I have no desire to do anything other then RANT and RAVE about how crappy today has been and why.
I am just in the most terrible of moods.
Everything is going wrong and I am not handling this very well as it is.
And now on top of everything else I have no caffeine and no nicotine to soothe my nerves..I just want to cry and scream and throw a huge ass childlike hairy cat fit. I want to throw myself on the cold wood floor and burry myself in the lemony smell of the wood and bang my fists on the floor until they bleed, I want to bang my head against the floor until I pass out. I want I want I want!!!!!! God I sound like I have regressed to being 5.
Ah hell 2, Yes thats right, no cigarettes and no Mountain Dew have regresesed me back to my Terrible Two's!!!!
IT"S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BANG BANG BANG,(god that hurts)
Slam Slam Slam (someone finish this for me I am unconcious)


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