Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Again I don't really have much to say. Things are so QUIET right now. For that I am grateful believe me...
I have been job hunting even though I haven't been cleared to go back to work, just because I cannot make it on what labor and industries is giving me for compensation. I have discovered that this happens to alot of people and they then get reinjured. I can only hope to find a job that I can do without hurting myself again. I just know that I need more money.I won't be finding another place around this town that I can rent for 400.00 a month. I have bills rolling in and not enough to do what I need to do and save money to get into a place. I will probably be moving into a friends garage in June. She can get me on at her work, its a job I know how to do and the garage would just be our bedroom. We would have access to the rest of the house to cook and bathe and that kind of thing. If I get a job there I could then rent the apartment on the other side of her.( she lives in a duplex). Her neighbors are being evicted as I type this.It would only be an hour away from here so I could come around and visit often.It would be closer to Whidbey Island where our cabin is so the kids would be happy with that.Anyway,I guess I had a little bit to say eh. I hope everyone out there in blogville has a wonderful Thursday:)

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