Monday, May 30, 2005

TAGGED!!!By a crazy girl from JERZEE

This crazy chica tagged me with another meme!! Thats all right, I'm cut from the crazy cloth and actually like meme's:)
So it goes like this:
Ten years ago:
I was 24,
I had two of my beautiful girls already,
I was happy in love,
I was going to school,
I had a completely different idea of what my future was going to be.
Five years ago:
I was 29,
I was married,
I had all three girls by then,
I lived where I live now,
I was going to school again.
I fell down went boom,
I ate corned beef and cabbage for dinner! (yummi),
I whispered someone's name and they called me,
I said goodbye to someone I have always known but never met before this weekend,
Almost killed myself with pain pills I am allergic to ( can anyone say SMOOOOOTHE).
I have listend to music and blogged,
I made dinner,
did laundry,
washed dishes,
hobbled around to do it all and almost slipped in the shower.
Tomarrow I am going to:
Go to the damn DOCTOR,
Run up a doctor bill I can't afford,
call v.o.a. to see if they will pay for prescriptions,
Find a way to get five dollars Canadian to Barbara for her cancer research thing she is doing,
Get the kids off to school and then meditate in the silence of the wake of the bus leaving.
Five snacks I like:
Guacamole and corn chips ,
huckleberry pie ( l.y.Op~)
Five songs I know all the music to without the music:
The cannibal King ( campfire song),
Twinkle twinkle little star,
row row row your boat,
This is how you remind me ( nickelback),
Don't know why ( Norah Jones).
Five things I would do with 100 million smackaroos:
buy an island,
donate lots and lots to charity,
buy my own plane and a yacht to get to the island,
Hire five nannies for my three kids,
buy a new computer.
Five places I would love to run away to:
Disney Land,
Five bad habbits I have:
I can't stop having cyber sex ,
dreaming about Op~,
dreaming about Trucker Bob,
Dreaming about Derek,
( what can I say I have a thing for truckers, online maniacs, and chocolate) I had to replace smoking with something!!!!
Things I like doing:
Falling down,

singing, especially in the rain,
collecting frogs,
yelling at my kids.
Things I would never wear:
Trench coat,

a tutu,
one of those hats with all the fruit,
anything WHITE,
coconut bra.
Shows I like:
Will and Grace,
Darhma and Greg,
Movies I like:
The Lion King,
Shrek Two,
Chronicles of Riddik,
Big Daddy.
Famous people I would like to meet:
Chad Kroeger,
Adam Sandler,
Steve Martin,
Oprah Winfrey.
Biggest joys at the moment:
Flirting in Blogville,

I am supposed to tag five folks with this, but I am not going to, I am going to see who does it on there own!!!! Feel free to borrow or steal it I don't mind at all:)

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