Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Love for now, or Like for ever

What I mean is this,
In a relationship, the more important thing is to actually LIKE the person you are so head over heals for RIGHT NOW. Because in the future there are going to be arguments, dirty socks in weird places, nose picking, farting and snoring in bed, and little ticks and tocks that you think are so ADORABLE now, are REALLY going to piss you off down the road of life. Falling in love is a marvelous thing, new love makes our heads spin, we tend not to look into the future when we see someone we are attracted too. What will the relationship be like in 1 year, 5, or even 30 years. Can you look at the person you are with and imagine sitting next to them at the dinner table when they are old, with thick glasses, a cane and nose hair coming from the TOP of their nose. Can you imagine walking through life with this person, waking up to their face on the next pillow for the REST of your life.Think about it, when you are older, more settled and OTHER things matter more. Will you be able to TALK to the person you are so GAHGAH over, in this moment?Will you be able to even be in the same room with them???
I tell ya what. I would much rather be with someone that I could like for the long haul, then someone who I could only love for a time. I would rather stick with a cherished friend on one road, then have the adventure of many friends on many roads. I know others would prefer it the other way around. I am just saying that when I look into the future I want to be with someone that I can talk to and laugh with, someone who gets me, someone I get, someone who knows all my buttons and doesn't push the bad ones. Someone who loved me passionately and still likes me even though the passion faded, the friendship is enduring.yeah thats what I want in my forever.........

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