Monday, May 23, 2005

Tagged by a cowboy on a steel horse.......

Okay I got tagged, I gotta come up with ten things I have never done..
then I get to tag three more people....muuuuaaaahhhhhh........

1) Never shook hands with a president.
2) Never kissed the ring of the pope.
3) Never been to the moon.
4) Never ridden in a semi truck.
5) Never did marry the right man. YET.
6) Never been to the zoo naked.
7) Never been to a laser light show.
8) Never kissed a prince just a whole mess of toads.
9) Never kissed anybodies ass and I ain't never gonna....
10) Never danced in public.

Okay my evil inquiring mind wants to know what ten things, dl, joe cowboy, and Jerzee haven't done!!! I gotchya this time Jerz cuz last time I didn't:)
Thanks steelcowboy this was fun!!!

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